Five Steam Games that Scream Retro Gaming 2D Side Scrolling Edition

4) Viktor by Shorebound Studios

First person shooter video games popularized the mouse and keyboard manage scheme. Which has certainly not stopped side scrolling motion games from borrowing it though. Abuse has been one of the earliest 2D titles to accomplish that, Viktor will be certainly one of the actual newest motion titles to use this setup effectively. A Lot such as a number of of another titles in this list, Castlevania can be obviously an inspiration pertaining to Viktor.

2) Super Moment Force Ultra by Capybara Games

Contra is an iconic retro run as well as gun title, which is almost an acknowledged fact. Super Period Force Ultra will take the particular pixelated look along with applies it into a facet scrolling motion run and also gun shooter. Every degree is timed, and for good reason since you've control as moment passes itself. made the mistake? Merely rewind some period and redo in which portion regarding the level. Super time Force Ultra is almost like a bullet hell with all the screen regularly filling on best of bullets, explosions and also enemies. Contra fans, acquire ready in order to manage time.

1) Rex Rocket simply by Castle Pixel LLC

What occurs when you're taking a amount of aspects through Mega Man, Mario along with Metroid? you find Rex Rocket, the title that will somehow mixes in some aspects of individuals games in add-on to Cave Story dialogue and also extraordinary motion sequences. Rex Rocket unfolds more than 100+ levels, the actual question is, are an individual likely to survive?

There are a ton of video games about Steam, not just action video games or even first person shooters. These five games will scratch which nostalgia itch for any 2D facet scrolling action game, in future content articles I covers various other genres.

3) The Particular Waste Property simply by Digital Tribe

Metroid is among these titles that retro fans will hear a whole lot about, regardless regarding whether you may well be the fan or otherwise it is definitely an influential title. Your Waste Territory borrows coming from not merely Metroid (level design) but also Ghosts n Goblins (bosses) along with Castlevania (building blocks in the levels). similar to become able to Castlevania II you could find dialogue trees in order to go through together with villagers in order to acquire clues and also tips as from what to do next. The Particular Waste Territory is simply different enough to warrant making it on this list.

5) Spuds Quest through Mouldy Toof Studios

This is actually the only game which carries hefty emphasis about puzzle solving inside the 2D game world. There's nevertheless plenty of action to become had, just not really close to just as much twitch gameplay here as there's inside the some other video games on this list. Puzzles tend to become more over the lines involving push any block in order to this flooring change to create which door open, think aspect scrolling Sokoban. Spuds Quest pulls influence in the Dizzy releases.


Steam can always be a digital distribution services which was produced by Valve throughout an effort to get their own games out to gamers a lot more easily. Because Steam evolved additional publishers had been permitted to get their particular video games additional to the expanding service. Today, Steam represents quite a sizable chunk regarding PC game sales and also boasts a new library regarding a large range of games. From this point in the existence associated with Steam it is difficult to find video games which may fascination you. Throughout this short article I will show you 5 games which will cater to that nostalgic facet of one's gaming habit, games in which take presctiption Steam right now. 2D side scrolling action titles from once were the bread along with butter associated with gaming. While consoles gained a lot more power developers moved in direction of total about gmod free 3D gaming, seemingly leaving this venerable genre. Steam has become the haven associated with sorts with regard to 2D facet scrolling games. Here are generally five intriguing retro styled motion titles really worth looking into.

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